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Transform your energy management needs with one flexible, powerful, robust software suite that has solutions for a myriad of business needs.

About Bee | Introduction

Make informed decisions based on real data

Use more accurate methods to measure your building’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

About Bee | Consumption

Energy consumption

A modern cloud-based software platform for managing commercial and corporate real estate’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Manage your entire portfolio with a comprehensive suite of integrated modules specifically designed for the property industry

About Bee | Energy platform

Manage your property's ESG requirements

A software that you and your tenants can use to coordinate and manage your building's energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

About Bee | Easy to use

An easy friendly user interface

We've designed a clear and logical interface that is intuitive for you to manage your commercial and corporate real estate's energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

About Bee | Methodology

How it all comes together

Find your building’s current performance

Using building information and sub-meter readings, track key energy and emission numbers to see which sub-systems have the largest impacts. Drill down to critical plant and equipment and see the factors that influence your building’s energy consumption. Track key building information to understand and make informed decisions.

Comparing your building’s current performance

Compare each building’s performance with similar ones in your portfolio, minimum legislative requirements and potential best-in-class. Understand the gaps and the best possible performance achievable. Look at individual spaces and identify where improvements can be made. Receive alerts when compliance requirements are not met.

Improving your building’s performance

Identify potential energy performance improvements achievable for each building along with key energy, emissions and financial metrics. Analyse multiple scenarios and optimise improvement measures to suit your business needs. Easily share reports so everyone can work with the same dataset.

Check on your asset reliability performance

Monitor the health of critical assets and receive alerts when potential issues are detected. Understand the factors affecting each equipment’s reliability to optimise your maintenance efforts. Analyse asset replacements to understand the energy savings and financial returns and determine the ones that meets your business priorities.

Statista 2022 I In cooperation with EMBER Oct 2022 Germany Survey Published by Bruna Alves Oct 24 2022 Monthly wholesale electricity prices in Germany 2019-2022

Average German wholesale electricity monthly price from Jan 2019 to Sept 2022 (in euros per megawatt-hour)

In September 2022, the average wholesale electricity price in Germany surpassed 360 euros per megawatt-hour, more than double the price recorded a year earlier.

This was also the second highest figure registered in the displayed period. In the past year, electricity prices in Europe soared.

This was the result of a myriad of factors, including increased heating demand due to cold winters, a rise in natural gas and coal prices, a drop in wind power generation due to low wind speeds, and more recently, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and extreme temperatures in the summer.