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Streamline your Building’s Management with BEE

Transform your operations with one flexible, powerful, robust software suite that has solutions for a myriad of business needs.

Why Bee | Managing

Managing your properties energy and carbon strategy

Get visibility on the energy performance of all your buildings at the system and subsystem level and develop an energy savings plan that is sustainable and meets your organisation’s ESG objectives.

Why Bee | For transparency

For transparency

Make the days of insufficient granularity of energy data, integrity of data, no electrical domain analytics in place, or manual billing data extraction or tenant billing through billing a thing of the past. Have a clear understanding of your energy consumption about where and what is being used to be able to make informed choices for energy management strategy.

Why Bee | For forecasting

For forecasting

Forecasting your future energy usage with and without improvements have been implemented. By having more visibility in your overall energy KPIs and benchmark and achieve your sustainability goals. Be able to understand energy trending and identify and prioritise energy opportunities and issues.

12 months consumption of building plant and equipment against buildings group portfolio.

Why Bee | For compliance

For compliance

Ensure all your buildings meet the current and future regulatory requirements for energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Review the potential saving potentials for your building, plant and equipment.

Why Bee | For efficiency

For efficiency

Ensure all your building's critical plant and equipment are fully optimised and operating efficiently.

Use a modern cloud-based software platform for managing all your commercial and corporate real estate’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Manage your entire portfolio with a comprehensive suite of integrated modules specifically designed for the property industry.

Why Bee | For informed choice

For informed choice

Ensure clarity and focus on current and future needs for your building portfolio based on your business needs.