Bee | Features

A single platform for managing your building’s energy and ESG

Transform your operations with one flexible, powerful, robust software suite that has solutions for a myriad of business needs.

Features | Not just another solution

Not just another energy monitoring solution

A platform to foster a common language between building servicess engineers, FM Services, Building owners and Finance. BEE enables a simple, clear and concise overview of your building and asset health.

BEE enables a continuous improvement process that suits your business needs.

Features | Current performance

Building Performance - Continuous monitoring

Quickly see how your buildings are performing over time in terms of Energy Consumption, Energy Cost and Carbon Emissions.

Features | Compare

Compare - Identify performance gaps

Compare your buildings’ current performance against the potential best-in-class or your other buildings with similar use.

Features | Improve

Improve - Potential improvements suited for your business

Identify potential energy performance improvement that can be achieved for their building along with key figures and financial metrics.

Features | Asset reliability

Asset reliability - Manage your asset risks in a smarter way

With continuous monitoring, receive notifications of potential issues with solutions analysed for you to make your decision. Common data platform allows users to understand the potential impact to business.