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The building management process

Our expertise goes beyond software we work with you to find the most suitable solution that works best for your building’s operation and business objectives.

Services | Operation of things

Assessing the operation of things

Tends to lead to improvements in performance this is a useful by-product of any intervention. We provide the tools for you to make the informed building decisions.

These metrics are not only related to one building, but available for all your facilities to enable you to take the decisions at the strategic and operation levels. These include life-cycle costs, functionality and operations.

When it comes to building performance assessments we combine the physical and the behavioural information these performance metrics for the operation and maintenance of buildings.

Integrating the building, plant and equipment life cycle so that you have the right information to manage obsolescence. Enabling you to plan your replacement budget based on the useful life in relation to your business needs.

Services | Environmental assessment

Environmental conditions and your building

Our audit addresses your building and its surrounding environmental conditions as our expertise goes beyond software. We work with you to find the most suitable solution that works best for your building’s operation and your business objectives.

Software consulting services

We provide the integration of your building and critical plant and equipment data and API’s from your existing BMS, BEMS, IWMS and billing consumption information onto one easy to use platform.

Services | Digital twin management

Managing your Digital Twin

We start with the possibilities and the practicality of utilising the information and work with you to identify what your business needs are and expectations from your facilities operationally.

Once the current performance based on the building assessment then move to aspirations and how to reach your organisation’s net zero goals. Your existing buildings can be retrofitted with smart features - we tend to focus on the what’s practical for you and your building operations. We will advise on where the connections should be made with your building’s systems for the best results for your information flow.

    Key features:

  • Advance analytics to monitor and manage and future-proof your building portfolio.
  • We digitise and develop your smart building with insight dashboards and enable you to continuous optimise your building’s operational performance.
  • Collate the data and continue to manage and maintain your building’s digital twin information so that you can focus on your business.
Services | Data-driven intelligence

Powered by data-driven intelligence

We help you to understand what’s possible, desirable and practical and coupled with predictive analytics, BEE applies machine learning on the building IoT network for continuous optimisation of building operations and refine demand-based controls to maximise efficiency.